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About Us. Mulugu Ramalingeshwara Vara Prasad world famous astrologer delivering his predictions from past 25 years. He filtered every aspect in Astrology. His Methods and calculations are totally perfect.

From Past 14 years his predictions ruling on the Telugu News paper Vaartha. For common man usage He is the first person introduced the shathabhithi Calendar and panchangam. Nature of Business Service Provider. Total Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Year of Establishment Interested in this product? Get Best Quote. Rudraksha Get Latest Price. Ekamukhi Rudraksha is the resemblance of Lord Shiva.

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Ek mukhi Rudrksha passes the Power of Lord Shiva to the person wearing it. It burns all the Sins made by the person Brahma hatya dosha haram. It protects him from accidents Akala Mrityu haram. It gives a sudden rise in the career Akasmat Dhana prapti dayakam. The personrules the world Shiva Shakti pradayakam. If he wishes he will attain Mukti Shiva Sayujya pradayakam.

Yes I'm interested. Benefits of Dhan Laxmi Yantras 1. Dominance and Power over your enemies 2.


Removing ill effect of vastu faults of your existing home ,office 3. Useful in Love Attraction of opposite 4. Removes Negative Effect, Magic Powers. Open the doors of your destiny 6. Gives you name and fame 7. In the building process for the above temple was initiated under the group who called themselves as Satya patam seva samithi.

This committee researched and selected the hillock of Vargal, which is home to a years old Shambu Deva Temple. This temple is 2 feet below the ground level and one has to pass crawling of the ground for few feets to reach the main Shiva lingam.

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  8. Depending upon public inflow and demand there are plans to schedule a bus in the morning too. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of arts, music, knowledge, and wisdom. Saraswati is considered as the divine consort of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the universe as per the Hindu Religion.

    Saraswati is regarded as the destroyer of chaos and confusion. Slokas on Saraswati form the part of prayers offered to the goddess.

    Vruschika Rasi 2019-20 Ugadi (VikariNama Samvatsara)Panchangam (Scorpio Horoscope)-2019 వృశ్చిక రాశి

    Meaning: Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, is praised by the intelligent who have mastered the Shastra scriptures. She is the wife of the Creator. May she live on my tongue. Meaning: Saraswati is the provider of boons and the one, who grants all our desires. As I begin my studies, I bow to the Goddess to help me in making it fruitful and make me successful in all my efforts.

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    Comments Added Successfully! Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Ravi sun Japa - Performed when Ravi sun is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Sun represents soul, king, highly placed persons, Peedaa Read more. Moon- Chandra Graha Japam. Moon Chandrudu Japa - Performed when Moon Chandrudu is not favorable , not performance well, unlucky Mangala- Kuja Graha Japam.

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    Mangala Kujudu Japa - Performed when Mangala kujudu is not favorable, not performance well, unlucky is with you, Mars represents energy, confidence, More Japas Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam. Lakshmi Ganesha Homam will curb all the impediments that come on your way of success. This powerful Homam will bring in luck and prosperity for you Runa Vemochana Ganapathi Homam. By performing this homam you can acquire bright results Rudra Pashupatha Homam.

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    Rudra Pashupatha Homam is used to increase theirpositive influence and neutralize the negative influence, and also to give you enlightenment with all the More Homas Follow us. Horoscope Kundali Matching. List of websites permited to use Mulugu subhathidi calendars.